Titebond Quick & Thick Multi-Surface Glue is the thickest, fastest-drying water-based glue available for use with porous and semi-porous materials. It is ideal for wood, pottery, ceramic, stone, glass, fabrics, leather and most craft-type materials. Titebond Quick & Thick Multi-Surface Glue provides a strong initial tack and fast speed of set, yet allows realignment of working pieces. It also develops a bond stronger than the wood itself, dries clear and is unaffected by finishes.

Features & Benefits

  • 2X Faster – 3X Thicker than traditional PVA glues
  • Dries clear – Paintable
  • Ideal for the woodshop, home and craft projects
  • Fill small cracks and gaps
  • Unaffected by finishes
  • Excellent sandability on wood
  • Designed for interior projects
  • Water cleanup & non-toxic
  • Nonflammable — No offensive odor
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236


    Application Guidelines

    • Application Temperature: Above 50°F.
    • Open Assembly Time: 3-5 minutes (70°F./50%RH)
    • Total Assembly Time: 10-15 minutes (70°F./50%RH)
    • Minimum Required Spread : Approximately 6 mils or 250 square feet per gallon
    • Required Clamping Pressure: Enough to bring joints tightly together (generally, 100-150 psi for soft woods, 125-175 psi for medium woods and 175-250 psi for hardwoods)
    • Method of Application: Plastic bottles for fine applications; glue may also be spread with a roller, speader or brush.
    • Cleanup: Damp cloth while glue is wet. Scrape off and sand dried excess.

    Physical Properties

    • Type: Thixotropic polyvinyl acetate
    • Calculated VOC: 2.4 g/L
    • State : High-viscosity liquid
    • Weight Per Gallon : 9.0 lbs.
    • Color : White
    • Dried Film: Clear
    • Flashpoint : > 200°F.
    • Solids : 60%
    • Freeze/thaw Stability : Stable up to 2 cycles
    • Viscosity : 36,500 cps
    • pH : 4.8
    • Chalk Temperature: To assure a good bond, 50°F is the lowest recommended temperature of the glue, air and materials during application.
    • Storage Life : 24 months in tightly closed containers at 75°F.

    Product SKUs

    Part NumberUPCCase UPCSizeWeightUnits Per PackagePackages Per Pallet
    2403037083024036100370830240338 Oz. Bottle7.2612160

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