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Titebond Original Wood Glue

Titebond Original Wood Glue is the industry standard for woodworking. It provides a strong initial tack and fast speed of set to reduce clamp time. It also develops a bond stronger than the wood itself, offers excellent sandability and is unaffected by finishes.

Titebond Original can help any woodworker achieve professional-looking results. It is ideal for wood, hardboard, particleboard, leather, cloth and most other porous materials. Titebond Original is easy to use, non-toxic and cleans up with water.

Conforms to ASTM D-4236

  • Fast set - Shortens clamp time

  • Bonds stronger than wood

  • Solvent-resistant

  • Excellent sandability

  • Unaffected by finishes

  • Easy cleanup with water

  • FDA approved for indirect food contact

Type: Aliphatic resin emulsion Calculated VOC: 10.7 g/L State : Liquid Weight Per Gallon : 9.2 lbs. Color : Yellow Chalk Temperature: * Approximately 50°F. Dried Film: Translucent Flashpoint : > 200°F. Solids : 46% Freeze/thaw Stability : Stable Viscosity : 3,200 cps pH : 4.0 Storage Life : 24 months in tightly closed containers at 75°F.
*Chalk temperature indicates the lowest recommended temperature at which the glue, air and materials can be during application, to assure a good bond.

Bond Strength ASTM D-905 (On Hard Maple)
  Temperature Strength Wood Failure
  Room Temperature 3,650 psi 68%
  150°F. Overnight 1,250 psi 1%

Application Temperature

Above 50°F.

Open Assembly Time

4-6 minutes (70°F./50%RH)

Total Assembly Time

10-15 minutes (70°F./50%RH)

Minimum Required Spread

Approximately 6 mils or 250 square feet per gallon

Required Clamping Pressure

Enough to bring joints tightly together (generally, 100-150 psi for softwoods, 125-175 psi for medium woods and 175-250 psi for hardwoods)

Method of Application

Plastic bottles for fine applications; glue may also be spread with a roller spreader or brush.


Damp cloth while glue is wet. Scrape off and sand dried excess.

Titebond Original Wood Glue is not intended for exterior use or where moisture is likely. For exterior applications use Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue or Titebond II Premium Wood Glue. Not for structural or load bearing applications. Do not use when temperature, glue or materials are below 50°F. Freezing may not affect the function of the product but may cause it to thicken. Agitation should restore product to original form. Read MSDS before use. KEEP FROM FREEZING. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.
CAUTION: EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT. Do not swallow. Do not allow eye contact or prolonged skin contact. FIRST AID: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; contact physician. If eye contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes. Wash skin contact areas with soap and water. If irritation from eye or skin contact persists, contact physician. For additional information, refer to Safety Data Sheet. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.
Part No.SizeWeight(lbs.)UPCCase UPCUnits Per PackagePackages Per Pallet
506092.15 Gallon PROjug21.24037083506099037083506099160
50624 Oz. Bottle3.980370830506221003708305062912270
50638 Oz. Bottle7.670370830506391003708305063612160
506416 Oz. Bottle14.860370830506461003708305064312100
5065Quart Bottle14.4003708305065310037083050650688
5066Gallon Jug19.0503708305066010037083050667263
50675 Gallon Pail47.74037083050677 124
506855 Gallon Drum538.80037083050684 14
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