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Product Specifications Wizard

Many of our products must pass stringent specifications set forth by standard testing methods. Architects frequently utilize these standards to specify the appropriate product. In addition, these specifications ensure that a product is suitable for an application, and that it will perform as expected.

Select a Testing Specification:

AAMA 808.3

AAMA 808.3 provides specifications and test methods for exterior perimeter sealing compounds for use with fenestration products. Products meeting the requirements of AAMA 808.3 pass testing for cracking, bond loss, staining, hardness, >90% cohesive failure, slump, stain migration, low temperature flexibility and water resistance.

Compliant Products:

Caulks & Sealants
  • woodworking
  • construction
  • caulk
  • flooring
  • Titebond Woodglues
  • PROVantage
  • WeatherMaster
  • Green Choice
  • Titebond Premium
  • XtremeFoam